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Men's Organic Skin, Hair & Natural Personal Care Products?

At Teva Skin Science, we believe that Ayurvedic physiological Body Type principals a/k/a “Doshas” are more important and meaningful when it comes to organic product choices than gender differences. As far as ingredients are concerned, read labels and you will find that the only difference is packaging, scent and dyes that make a product 'masculine' or 'feminine.'

Since our products are perfume and dye free (not to mention free of any other thing you would prefer not to have in your skin, hair or personal care products such as parabens, petroleum, silicone (plastics essentially), phylates, GMO's ect, they are equally as effective for men or women. Our products are only scented with the organic plant actives that make them effective for their purpose and are neither masculine or feminine, but rather clean and refreshing and short-lived.

 At some point in the future, we will be introducing a Teva Man line for beards and grooming, such as pomades and waxes, but for now we feel confident you (or your man) will love our products for face, hair and body!