When we made the decision to launch a new organic Ayurvedic line into a crowded skincare market, we thought hard how we could best serve our customers. Offering a selection of serious, high quality products had to come first.  Due to the quality of our ingredients and the concentration of actives in our formulas, our products cost us a great deal more to manufacture than 99.9% of the commercial products found in drug and department stores.

We are committed to a policy of never using petroleum, man-made chemicals such as silicone, phthalates, perfumes, dyes, parabens and so on. Every ingredient we use, in every product, is listed clearly on the label and is easily understood by the consumer. All our products are 100% cruelty-free as is each individual ingredient we use and never tested on animals.

It was also very important to us to offer these high-end spa and dermatology clinical grade products at affordable prices, something that is not easy to do. If not for the Internet and our ability to sell directly to our customers, we would never have survived! Our business consultants told us our products could command much higher prices in the very upscale specialty markets, but we felt strongly that we wanted to have an affordable product line for the average consumer, and not just the wealthy few. We truly wanted to be able to offer old-fashioned, individualized & stellar customer service. No bored third party hired hands, reading from a script! No waiting days for a reply to an email!!

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: If it's broken or damaged, or you simply don't like it, we'll fix it by replacement or refund! A quick search of our online reputation will prove that we have lived up to this standard over the years.

Finally...We don't aspire to be a huge multi-national corporation.  In our experience that can only lead to diminished product quality in the name of selling mass quantities. We are happy being a busy smaller enterprise that is skilled at their market segment and remains accessible to our brand advocates. The consumer who flits from product to product based on the latest celebrity endorsement or magazine cover is probably never going to be our customer, and that's okay. Our customers are educated about ingredients and want the best, most effective and yet non-toxic personal care possible. 

President, Teva Skin Care

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Teva Skin Care products are made from 100% organic & wild-crafted Ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, naturally sourced vitamins & earth minerals. We combine these traditional skin care ingredients with (organically derived) powerhouse skin actives proven in the latest research studies such as Argireline & Matrixyl peptides, DMAE, COQ10, & EGF** to bring you completely customizable, extremely effective anti-aging skin care.