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Our Story

debshootmc4.jpgOur product line is the brainchild of an Organic and Ayurvedic team with over 30 years in the health and wellness industry who are committed to crafting skin and hair care that meets exacting standards of purity and quality, while delivering results that exceed even the best of the high end conventional formulas.   In 2006, while on a business trip to India, company founder Deb Oxley discovered a 'Topical Botox' peptide cream that promised to deliver injection quality anti-wrinkle results over time, without the pain, needles and expense.  Upon discovering that this product truly delivered, Deb teamed with the company that produced that product to bring it to the USA (as well as Canada, Mexico and Europe) under the Teva Skin Science brand. 

Because the original formula was based in Ayurvedic medicine, Deb became very interested in Ayurveda and it's ability to heal naturally based on centuries of accumulated wisdom. While the original BioScience Peptide Cream was amazing as far as it's performance, it was not organic and had a few objectionable ingredients such as petroluem, parbens etc.   She became convinced that the Peptide Cream could be made to be 100% natural and organic, while still delivering incredible results backed by leading edge science.  Teaming up with our Ayurvedic chemists in Asheville NC in 2008, Teva went on to bring a line of skin, hair and personal care products to the marketplace that was a game changer! Natural, healthy formulas that out-perform even the best of the conventional beauty products, that are of the highest spa quality and yet still affordable to the educated customer.

We believe that harnessing the power of nature by utilizing organic oils, powerful botanical extracts and Anti-Oxidant ingredients, instead of cheap ingredients like petroluem, water, and lab manufactured unpronounceable, questionable ones, we can in our own small way, create a quiet revolution in the beauty industry. 

In early 2017, we made the decision to transition to a new name, as it came to our attention that our customers and prospective customers were confusing Teva Skin Science, with Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest manufacturer of generic drugs in the world.  Since this is not in line with our company's image, we are now trademarked as 'PuraVeda Organics' going forward.


Our Company Valuesasheville-skyline.png

At PuraVeda Organics, we are committed to maintaining the values our company was founded on. 

  • Since our products are Ayurvedic and therefore include exotic and rare ingredients not grown on US soil, but rather are traditionally wild-harvested from the world over, our products do not fall under the USDA Organic Seal.  That said, we actually abide by a higher standard of purity that what the USDA body allows (Ie; 5-7% allowable adulterants vs. our ZERO tolerance), we do use USDA certified Organic ingredients for any ingredient that is grown in the USA.
  • 100% Powerful, Clinically proven Anti-Oxidant, Plant based ingredients with double blind studies of efficacy.
  • NEVER any harmful, toxic or Endocrine Disrupting ingredients of any kind!  This means no petroleum, parabens,  pesticides, sulfates, propylene or butylene glycols, silicones, perfumes, talc, nano particles, carbon black, phthalates,  PEGs, TEA, DEA or GMOs.
  • Never any animal testing, whether on our complete formulas or individual component ingredients.
  •  As a small local (Asheville NC) company, we practice sustainability and environmentally sound practices to the best of our ability.  We maintain a small carbon footprint, with the least amount of packaging possible, as well as utilizing recycled (and recyclable PET and glass bottles).  Our ingredient labels are printed with biodegradable pigment ink)