Teva Organic All-Natural Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

Our name says it all. At Teva Skin Care, we specialize the highest quality, organic & Ayurvedic problem-solving formulas..and we strive to make them affordable as well! Have great, problem free skin? Let us help you keep it that way! Why put cheap, water diluted, toxin filled products on your skin? Dermatologist Approved..Our formulas contain absolutely NO petroleum, pthylates, GMO proteins, perfumes, preservatives..the list goes on.. We know that these chemicals can penetrate the skin barrier, eventually causing more problems than the 'bargain' products can ever hope to solve. Concerned about the big picture? Every ingredient in every product is also cruelty-free, sustainable and free trade in recyclable containers with a minimum of packaging. Effective science proven skin care that you can actually feel good about using!

And remember... As a small, intensely-passionate-about-what-we do company... We are always here to help you decide on your own personalized regimen or answer your questions!


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