The best anti-aging skin care topicals (anti-wrinkle creams) available today either contain  a high concentration of clinically proven high performing “skin actives”, such as  peptides, growth factors,  DMAE, retinoids, COQ10, etc.. or else they take an organic or “all natural” approach, using rare and highly prized organic essential oils and botanical extracts based in centuries of time-tested herbal lore.

Here at Teva Skin Care, we believe these two philosophies are not mutually exclusive and in fact should be combined for a revolutionary best-of-all-worlds solution!  Our groundbreaking line is based on the three traditional Ayurvedic  skin types,  called “Doshas”,  which simply put translate into:

1. Normal/Dry (Vata)
2. Oily/Prominent Pores (Kapha)
3. Sensitive/Blemished/Rosacea (Pitta).

Some of our products are labeled ‘Tridosha‘ meaning they work well with all skin types.   In short, our line is not only attractive to the skin care customer looking for purity of ingredients and effectiveness of results, but is also extremely customizable to work holistically with your unique skin type as well as daily environmental challenges.

  Why Teva Organics?                                                               debshoot6

  • 100% Organic/Wild-Crafted Ayurvedic botanicals
  • No Parabens, Petroleum, GMO’s, Phylates, Perfumes
    Dyes, or Chemicals
  • Most effective scientifically proven ingredients available today
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-Free/Never tested on Animals
  • Paraben, Alcohol, Phthalate, GMO, Petroleum free

“Everything you want on your skin…Nothing you don’t!”